Business Objects XI 4.0 (Aurora) – Deprecated / New Features

Posted: February 13, 2011 in Business Objects

Deprecated Feature Name

Recommended Alternative

BusinessObjects Enterprise Java SDK

For a specific list of the deprecated APIs (Including a set of AuditEvent APIs and OpenDocument parameters) in XI 4.0 for the BusinessObjects Enterprise Java SDK, see the BusinessObjects Enterprise Java SDK JavaDocs download ( and view the Deprecated API section.

Crystal Reports Local Viewer for Siebel Integration Kit

The Crystal Reports Local Viewer in Siebel Integration Kit XIr2 is no longer available. To view reports, Siebel Wireless or Siebel Mobile Web Clients (in a networked mode), can connect to Crystal Reports running on a BOE system.

Knowledge Management Integration iViews (KM.par) for the SAP Portal Integration Kit

The Document Explorer iView and Document List iView should be used instead.

Discussion Threads are disabled by default

The feature appears as disabled by default, but can be enabled.

32 bit .NET SDK

With the move to a 64 bit BI platform, .NET web applications should now leverage the 64 bit .NET SDK. For a more relaxed coupling, the Web Services SDK should be utilized.

JavaServer Faces Components for BusinessObjects Enterprise

Application developers may consider building applicaiton with the Java SDK or the Platform Web Services instead.

The Business Process BI Services have been deprecated and will no longer be improved

For web applications requiring loose coupling to the BI Platform, the more complete Web Services SDK is recommended. For applications where tight coupling is an option, the more complete Java SDK is recommended.

Unsupported Features

Recommended Alternative

In prior versions, a BOE client tool called Publisher Wizard was provided bulk upload of document types. It allowed for the following document types: .rpt (Crystal Reports), .xlf (Xcelsius), .amw (Voyager Workspace), .pdf, .swf, .ppt, .xls, .doc, .exe, .bat

For .rpt (Crystal Reports) files, a Report Upload Tool is now installed with the Crystal Reports 2011 Designer. The Report Upload Tool is a subset of the Publishing Wizard.
For all other content types previously supported by the Publisher Wizard, there are two recommended alternatives:
1.   Use BOE Central Administration Console for uploading of individual files. This can be done by navigating to the folder in which you wish the documents to be uploaded and clicking Manage > Add > Local Document.
2.   Write a script against the BOE SDK for bulk upload of files using the methods available for creating and updating InfoObjects.Example steps for adding files to a folder:* Retrieve the Plugin Manager and use it to retrieve the plugin for the document type you are adding (i.e. Web Intelligence)
* Query for the id of the folder you wish to put the InfoObjects in
* Create an InfoObjects collection and add the document to it, using the folder ID as the parent ID
* Repeat for all files/documents you are uploading (note only query for the Plugin Manager once per type)Commit the InfoObjects collection to the CMS

Support for PeopleTools 8.21-8.45 for PeopleSoft Integration Kit

PeopleTools 8.21-8.45 will no longer be supported in Aurora. Customers running on these versions will have to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.46-8.50 in order to use the Aurora Integration Kit for PeopleSoft.

The sample audit reports are no longer supplied (installed) or supported.

The recommended alternative is to create your own reports or use samples from SDN (if available).

The sample audit universe is no longer supplied (installed) or supported.

The recommended alternative is to create your own reports or use samples from SDN (if available).

Thumbnail iView for SAP Portal Integration Kit is no longer available

The Thumbnail iView was provided as a sample and is not part of the core PIK. It is a feature that had very low usage and, as such, will no longer be supported.

Alerts iView for SAP Portal Integration Kit is no longer available

The Document Explorer iView should be used to display alerts sent to the user Inbox or the Document List iView should be used to display Crystal Reports that contain alerts.

Encyclopedia is no longer supported

The recommended alternative is to use SAP BusinessObjects Metapedia. For more information about Metapedia, please refer to SAP BusinessObjects Metadata Manager documentation.

My InfoView and InfoView Page Layout are longer supported

The recommended alternative is to use Dashboard Builder pages. For more information about converting legacy My InfoView pages to Dashboard Builder please refer to: (need document link)

Editing of Web Intelligence report instances

Use “Save As” function to save instance as a new report and then Edit report.

Import Wizard:

In prior versions a BOE Client tool called Import Wizard was provided for importing, exporting and upgrading BI content, such as user accounts, groups, folders, reports, universes, security, servers, and other objects.

Import Wizard has been replaced by a new tool called Upgrade Manager with some slight differences.
1.    It is only designed for upgrade workflows.  The Lifecycle Management (LCM) tool replaces the lifecycle management functionality previously in Import Wizard.
2.    Only upgrades from Business Objects XI R2 and newer releases are supported.  If upgrading from a version of Business Objects older than XI R2, a 2-tiered upgrade will need to be performed.  First upgrade to XI R2 using Import Wizard and Database Migration Wizard.  Then use Upgrade Manager to upgrade to XI 4.0.

Database Migration Wizard

In prior version of BOE, the capability to migrate system data from previous versions of BusinessObjects to BOE XI R2 and later releases was provided.

This capability has been replaced with the Complete Upgrade workflow in Upgrade Manager.

Advanced Search has been replaced.

The new XI 4.0 search capabilities should be used instead.

Search by keywords, title, description, all fields is no longer necessary.

The new XI 4.0 search capabilities will search all of these at once.

Content search has been replaced.

The new XI 4.0 search capabilties allows for the searching of content.

Contextual Search by Default has been replaced.

The new XI 4.0 search performs a global search at all times.

User interface customization via the InfoView “Applications” area of the CMC has been replaced.

Use a custom style sheet to change visual styles.  Objects rights should be used to change or disable interface fatures.

Customizations in the web.xml file is not supported and has been replaced.

Customizable parameters have been exposed in the file.   Customizations done in this file will not be overwritten by patches.

openAnalytic.jsp/performancemanagementhome.jsp for Dashboard and Analytic URL linking

Use OpenDocument. For specific list of supported parameters when opening Dashboard Builder pages using OpenDocument, please refer to the OpenDocument documentation. The NavPos parameter is only supported at tab / subtab level and is no longer supported at the Dashboard level.

“Display scrollbar for dashboard contents” option in InfoView User Preferences is no longer supported

This is a left-over feature from Application Foundation and no longer has a use.

Dashboard Builder objects “Full View” option from InfoView User Preferences

For viewing Dashboard Builder objects in full page view, set Document Viewing options to fullscreen browser window

My Dashboard

Use Dashboard Builder to create personal dashboards (save to personal folders). For more information about creating personal dashboards, please refer to: (need document link)

Server-side logging via Dashboard and Analytics System setup

Use -trace option in respective server setting (from the CMC)

CMS configuration parameters for dashboards in file

No longer required. Dashboard server will implicitly pick up all information necessary for its operation.

Analytics based on Query on Universe

Use Xcelsius products for building visualization


Legacy tool required to upload Universe-based analytics created with Xcelsius. No replacement is available. Use Xcelsius products for building visualization and upload to BOE using Export option from Xcelsius Designer.

Expanded bar actions for reports embedded within Dashboards

Use Edit/Save/Save As/Send to Email actions exposed in the respective viewers

The organize dashboards feature is no longer available.

This is a legacy feature.  All dashboards are ordered by names ascending.

Copy of dashboard feature.

The “save as” workflow should be used to save a copy of the dashboard.

PrefsUtilsCopy is a legacy tool used for copying user
preferences in Dashboard Builder.

The CMC should be used for this instead.

Crystal Reports 2011 Deprecated Features

Recommended Alternative

ActiveX Viewer

DHTML Viewer

Java Applet Viewer

DHTML Viewer

Install of Lotus Notes ODBC Driver

Obtain ODBC Driver from IBM directly. Please note this driver is fully supported as before, we simply encourage customers to obtain it from the vendor, as for many other ODBC drivers.

SAP BW connectivity using BW Query Driver

MDX Driver

Crystal Reports 2011 Unsupported Features

Recommended Alternative

Legacy XML Exporter (crxf_xml.dll) no longer supported

XML Exporter (crxf_xml2.dll)

Legacy Outlook Database Driver (crdb_p2outlk.dll) no longer supported

Outlook / Exchange Driver (crdb_p2smapi.dll)

Lotus Notes Native Driver for Crystal Reports

Using Lotus Notes ODBC Driver with Crystal Reports is strongly recommended by both SAP and IBM. This native driver is no longer shipped/installed.

Boolean Group Parameters

Boolean Parameters are supported, but not used as a grouping criterion

Exporting to static HTML from the Crystal Reports Designer

Use the DHTML Viewer, exporting to PDF, or use the Offline Viewer

Selection of Report Bursting indices within the Crystal Reports Designer
Note: This is not related to general report bursting features used in large deployments

Improved internal indexing (no report design changes needed)


Use the Scheduling / Publishing feature, exporting through the RAS API

Using the Data Source Migration Wizard to migrate Version 9 and earlier Dictionaries, Queries and InfoViews to BusinessObjects Enterprise

There is no alternative. The original Crystal Reports / Crystal Enterprise releases (Version 9 and earlier) that created Dictionaries, Queries, and InfoViews are no longer supported. The Data Source Migration Wizard is no longer shipped/installed.

Rendering events in the .NET WebForm viewer

There is no alternative

Java DHTMLViewer class library

For a specific list of deprecated APIs in the Java DHTMLVIewer class library, see the Viewers Java SDK Developer Guide and navigate to Start Here > Migration Issues > Deprecated APIs

Xcelsius Deprecated Features

Recommended Alternative

Xcelsius FS Command Data Connector

Use Xcelsius External Interface Connector.

Xcelsius Excel XML Map

Use Xcelsius XML Data Connector.

Query As A Web Services Connector

Use new Universe Queries in Aurora to direct access enterprise data source.

WebIntelligence Deprecated Features

Recommended Alternative

WebI drill filter bar

Input Controls

3D charts other than 3D Bar (3D Line, 3D Area, 3D Surface)

3D Bar (Migration strategy : all 3D charts are converted to 3D Bar)

QaaWS Designer client

Publish WebI queries from DataManager WSP

Universe Designer Deprecated Features

Recommended Alternative

Universe Designer will not call Desktop Intelligence any more


Product with No Deprecated Features.

·     Java Portal Integration Kit
·     Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint software
·     Pioneer
·     Polestar / Explorer
·     Live Office
·     Data Federator
·     Crystal Reports 4.0 for SAP BusinessObjects XI 4.0


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