Universe – Various date formats

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Business Objects, SQL Server, Universe
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While building the Business Objects Universe  we often need some generic date objects like Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Current Month and so on. Here are the T-SQL statements for the most common of these objects –

Today – Select dateadd(d,DATEDIFF(d,0,getdate()),0)

Tomorrow – Select dateadd(d,DATEDIFF(d,0,getdate()),0)+1

Yesterday – Select dateadd(d,DATEDIFF(d,0,getdate()),0)-1

Current Month – Select left(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), getdate(), 112),6)

Previous Month – Select left(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), dateadd(m,-1,getdate()), 112),6)

Next Month – Select left(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), dateadd(m,1,getdate()), 112),6)

Current Month Start Date – Select dateadd(m,datediff(m,0,getdate()),0)

Current Month End Date – Select dateadd(m,datediff(m,0,getdate())+1,0)-1

Current Year – Select year(getdate())

Next Year – Select Year(dateadd(year,1,getdate()))

Previous Year – select Year(dateadd(year,-1,getdate()))


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