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Here are the scenarios for “Maximum binary output size limit reached” error –

– When a large Web Intelligence report is exported to CSV format, we get error: Max Binary file size limit exceeded. The document is too large to be processed by the server. Error WIS 30271

– In Web Intelligence, when attempting to save a report to Excel or Portable Document Format (PDF), the following error message appears:

“Max binary file size limit exceeded. The document is too large to be processed by the server. Contact your database administrator. (Error: WIS 30271)”.


This error message appears because Business Objects Enterprise allows documents to be saved up to the limit set for Web Intelligence Report Server in the Central Management Console (CMC). The default file size limit is 50 megabytes for binary file types like PDF and Excel.

Solution –

To resolve this error message, you will need to increase the Max Binary file size value.

1. Open the CMC.

2. Browse to Servers

3. Click on your Web Intelligence Report Server.

4. On the Properties page, increase the Maximum Binary File Size (Default value=50 MBytes; Maximum value = 65535 MBytes)..

5. Apply the setting and allow the Web Intelligence Report Server to restart.

Increasing these values too high could impact Web Intelligence performance when users attempt to save excessively large files.

Recommendation –

Thresholds are built to protect the system. If there is valid business reason, then by all means, go ahead and adjust the parameters as needed to solve the problem. However, I would use this opportunity to look into the report itself, and see if this is the best way to present/publish the information.

Before increasing the Max binary file size ask your user –

–┬áDo You really need such a large Excel/PDF file?

– Can some of the unnecessary columns be dropped

– Can some filter be applied on the report to reduce the no of rows

If none of the above can be done then go ahead and increase the size.